As well as producing the CDs and running events, Ceilidh-jo and her colleagues are exploring the benefits of music to children through a range of activities. She runs a series of training sessions to enable and share ideas in creative play, inclusion and running music groups for all different kinds of children.


*Ali Harmer and Ceilidh-Jo Rowe are currently engaged in an innovative project called "Playing Around Sound". They are investigating the relevance of music to young deaf children in how they negotiate relationships with others "in" music, by playing carefully chosen musical instruments, and "through" music in their play. Preferring a well-informed rather than a well-meaning approach, Ali and Ceilidh-jo have brought together contemporary thinking on neurological development, vocal development and multi-modal communication. They are learning a great deal about music and musical interactions with young deaf children and this work is being used to change hearts and minds, informing and influencing music practice both within the deaf community and beyond it in mainstream settings.


* As a qualified British Sign Language user, Ceilidh-jo is involved in research into how deaf children can and do interact with music. This work includes running regular sessions for children with a range of different needs – session which have shown music to be a very effective tool in supporting speech and language development, communication, interaction and confidence building.

*In all her work, Ceilidh interacts and delivers songs with the use of signs, gesture and expression to encourage participation and to engage both children and adults in musical play and songs.
She uses principles of BSL with all children, not only deaf or those experiencing speech / communication difficulties. This is proving to be a very effective way to promote integration.

* She also nurtures good practice through consulting with music leaders and organisations.

Please do get in touch for any more info about how Ceilidh-jo can help your organisation. 


“We had a fun. Memorable, musical day. Thank you Ceilidh-jo!”

Rob Dishington of the Teaching Alliance of Dorset Special Schools.