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As well as her work with and for children, Ceilidh-jo also writes her own acoustic music. Her debut album “Out of Winter” is a selection of her songs from the last few years, featuring some wonderful players and a few much-loved covers from John Martyn and Donovan.


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Here’s a lovely review from Nigel Finn at The Chord Company.. thanks Nigel!

“Spring is in the air, the cherry blossom in my garden is coming out, and I’m driving home in daylight.  Winter wasn’t cold this year but it was dark, grey and very wet.

Ceilidh-Jo’s album “Out Of Winter” arrived just about the same day as the sun did. Nice pieces of synchronicity are hard not to like, and so is “Out Of Winter”.  

“The thing about albums like “Out Of Winter” is that you don’t need to be a signed up fan of folk to enjoy them.  Ceilidh-jo displays good song writing and has a very good and intriguingly different voice, sweet, pure and with just an edge to it that keeps you listening.  One of the other things that keeps you listening is that the outward simplicity of the songs and tunes makes them immediately accessible, and as well as this there are enough clever little hooks and turns of phrase for them to lodge pretty quickly in your head.

The other attractive reason for owning “Out Of Winter” is that it’s very well recorded, produced and mastered.  Very open and uncompressed and sounds really very good indeed.  

Have a listen, it’s a properly lovely album.” 

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